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Dieting And Eating Healthy Can Be Fun

Maintain Good Health

Dieting and eating healthy is absolutely imperative if you want to lose weight and maintain good health as well as have energy. This is not nearly as complicated as many people think. It is basically about making good, well informed choices. It does not mean that you will spend the rest of your life like a gerbil on a treadmill. It also does not mean that you must refuse dessert for the rest of your life.

What it does mean is that you have to pay attention to what you eat, and when. For example, anything which contains a high starch content will be best consumed in the morning. This will give you quick energy, and you will have the entire day to burn it off.

A mainly vegetarian diet is definitely best when trying to lose weight. If you do choose to eat meat, you should stick to lean, white meats and fish. These have less fat and calories and are better for you.

There is nothing quite like fresh fruit and vegetables. If you have the space available, you should really have a garden. This will ensure that you always have a fresh supply of your choice of vegetables. This will save you money, and also keep you from running out of what you need.

Have at least two salads a day. One with lunch and one with dinner. Salad does not mean a boring bowl of salad and a few bits of tomato. Be sure to add a variety to keep it interesting and tasting good. Make your salad into a meal. You truly will not feel deprived if you do this. Add as many vegetables as you have on hand. Include a few lean slices of ham or turkey, sliced to look attractive. Also add a small amount of your favorite cheese, and dressing. Do not go over board, however consider the difference between this meal and the usual meat, potato and vegetable with all of their added salt, butter, and sauces.

Do not decide that you are dieting, therefore you may not have dessert. Have just one bite instead of the whole piece. Try some fresh sliced fruit such as strawberries or peaches, and add just a small amount of whipped cream. This is delicious, and included on your diet as long as you do not add a lot of unhealthy foods. Allow yourself to splurge now and then. Be sure to pick a specific amount of time, and stick with it. For example, tell yourself that after you lose ten pounds, you will go out and have an ice cream sundae. Then do it. Just be sure to stick to the plan, and do not allow yourself any more than the promised treat.

Exercise is crucial. However, it does not have to be boring, or time consuming. Play with your kids, dance, play basketball. Join a ballroom dance class. The ideas for exercise that feels like fun (because it is) are endless. Just use your imagination.

So, when dieting and eating healthy, ask yourself "what do I like? What do I want? Make it fun, and it will work.

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