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The Dieting Myth And How To Beat It

Dieting Myth

So you want to trim off a few inches, huh? And I bet that you've already had your fill of Weight Watchers, diet pills, dietitians, and dieting shows. I bet that you look in the mirror every day with self-deprecation and wonder, with all of the massive amounts of money that you've put into losing weight, that you're looking at your shrinking bank account without the requisite loss in clothes size.

You're not the only one. In fact, you'll find yourself with a lot of company in the Dooped-by-Diet-Marketers department. If you have found that not a single one of these supposedly guaranteed diet regimens have done a thing for your energy level, your weight, or that waistline about which you've been griping at yourself every time you look into the mirror, then chances are that you, like most everyone else, were a victim of the Dieting Myth.

And what, you might ask, is the Dieting Myth, after all?

The Dieting Myth, often passed of as Dieting Truth, is that you, the dieter, will see miraculous results in your body shape after simply following a food regimen put together by someone you've never met, who, through a series of letters behind their names that might or might not be legitimate, have given you a false sense of authority on the topic of weight loss. The Myth tells you that getting in shape is easy and requires little more effort than adjusting your consuming habits.

What brilliant advertising. To think that all you needed to do was pop a couple of pills or start eating nothing but wheat grass and bamboo sttallks to have rock-hard abdominals and legs of triple-enforced titanium steel sounds too good to be true. Which of course it is.

Have you fallen victim to the myth? Worry not. Not only are you not alone, but we have a solution for you. No, better yet, this is more of a an essential tool to help pry you away from the myth that's led you to insane expenditures on quack diets for the last twenty years.

EXERCISE! Most of the time these predatory, ad-happy diet sellers want you to ignore that their quick fixes are only part of the equation toward a more healthful lifestyle. So, yes, while calorie counting, egg-white eating, and whatever other gimmick you've been sold in order to slim you up are all, at least to a certain degree, effective in balancing your diet, they do nothing about what your body does with it.

So if you're still spending oodles a month on your Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig memberships and still don't find yourself losing the weight you'd like, you might consider that, aside from what the Dieting Myth might tell you, all of your carb-cutting will do you no good if you continue to eat those dinners in front of the television and spend the rest of your night catching up on your daytime soaps through the digital recording system with your cable company.

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