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General Information

Diet-to-Go - Website

Diet-to-Go features pre-made meals that can be selected and ordered and delivered directly to users' homes. The process makes eating healthy easy by handling the difficult and time-consuming process of preparing food to help make weight loss possible. All users have to do is pick what looks best to them, order, and eat.

One particular feature of the Diet-to-Go system is the variety in meal options. Whether someone wishes to maintain a a low-carb diet or a vegetarian lifestyle or a simple low-fat plan, Diet-to-Go allows users to individualize their meal choices to suit not only their diet goals but their lifestyle demands as well. For users who live in several larger metro areas, meal pick-up is also available, which allows users to enjoy their food fresh.

In addition to the meal options, Diet-to-Go offers a number of online resources, including expert advice and a community of other dieters striving to meet similar goals.

Meal plans can be as extensive or as minimal as each user desires, with options for full meals and snacks, and five or seven day deliveries. Through this, users can balance the cost with their weight goals and choose the program that best meets their needs. 

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Service Details

Company Information:
8533-F Terminal Road
Lorton, VA 22079

Customer Service
1-800-743-7546, Option #2
Fax: 866-726-3810
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Tuesday and Friday: 9am - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 12noon (EST)

Company Website: http://DietToGo.com/

- Traditional Low-Fat, 1200 Calories, 7-Days, Full Meal
$120.99 - Vegetarian Low-Fat, 1200 Calories, 7-Days, Full Meal
$149.99 - Low-Carb, 7-Days, Full Meal

Return Policy/Satisfaction Guarantee:
Refund requests are handled on a one-on-one basis.

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Consumer Feedback

Unbaised Customer's Complaint, Comments, and Feedback:

"...this is SOOOOO worth it to me. Even if I just ate it for lunch I would save money. Right now I run out and get salad bar or a Fuddruckers Burger and usually spend at least $8, sometimes $10 or 12 if I get a giant bottle of water. And for dinner I won't end up cooking too much and getting out of whack portions. Not to mention no dishes to wash! This rocks!!!"
Actual user feedback from [www.lowcarbfriends.com/]

"...I tried the vegetarian and low-carb (not the low-fat, cause, again, too much chicken and turkey, bleh). The vegetarian was quite nice, especially if you skipped the stuff with couscous and with tofu chunks. Also, toasting the stuff with pita or in wraps made all the difference. The italian stuffed shells and macaroni and cheese were EXCELLENT, and the feta and black bean wraps (if you oven heated them) are fantastic. The egg breakfasts (egg white omelettes) are nice, and the pancakes are amazingly good. The waffles, bleh. Too plain, tasteless."
Actual user feedback from [www.3fatchicks.com/forum/]

I wanted to get a good month of nutritious meals under my belt and hopefully lose a bit of weight in the process. I ordered a total of four weeks of meals, lunch and dinners only, for 5 days a week. I was quite pleased with the service and quality of meals - if I had the money to spend I think I would let them cook for me more frequently! 
Actual user feedback from [www.epinions.com/]

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