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General Information

FRS Healthy Energy Drink - Website

FRS.com is a website designed for consumers looking for energy drinks. FRS.com claims, customers will find an energy drink fueled from a very important antioxidant, quercetin. With the ability to increase energy, enhance the user entire energy system, and maintain energy longer, quercetin makes the FRS (Free Radical Scavenger) healthy energy drink a source of great benefit.

According to the website, all that is needed for a healthy daily dose is one 11.5 ounce serving, and can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors such as peace, wild berry, or citrus pomegranate.

The low calorie count of merely twenty-five calories ensures that the drink is not disrupting a healthy diet and is not full of sugars like many other energy drinks. The antioxidant rich drink offers sustained energy in a healthy and delicious manner, something that will benefit and delight any who take that first sip. 

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Service Details

Company Information:
The FRS Company
101 Lincoln Centre Drive, Suite 500
Foster City, California 94404


Customer Support:
Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm

Company Website:

- FRS Concentrate
- FRS Chews
- FRS Powder
$35.75/Case - 15-Pack FRS Cans
$56.95/Case - 24-Pack FRS Cans
$14.95/Bottle - FRS Sport Gear
$9.95/Hat - FRS Sport Gear
$39.95/Kit - FRS Gift Kit

Return Policy/Satisfaction Guarantee:
Call 877-377-4968 within 20-Days of purchase, for a RMA 30-Days Period

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Extensive Research and Overall Consumer Response Rating:

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Consumer Feedback

Unbaised Customer's Complaint, Comments, and Feedback:

"...Although the product contains a little caffeine, it has helped me cut down on the number of cups of coffee i drink daily. i take one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Its great and really helps me get through my day after an early morning workout!"
Actual user feedback from [www.amazon.com]

"Although I did not sign up for the automatic ship program, I knew this supplement was working because I had more energy to get through the demands of the day than I have had in months. I continue to take the FRS daily and would recommend it highly to anyone who has depleted energy or just wants to destroy as many of the free radicals in their system as possible."
Actual user feedback from www.amazon.com]

"...Although I don’t mind the texture of the concentrate. I just take a big swig of water after. I don’t just use it for hike, workouts or rides, I use it daily for work too. No midday crash! This is by far the best product I have ever tried and have not found it to be less effective after repeated use."
Actual user feedback from [coachlevi.com/]

"...The products contain antioxidants, vitamins and fiber and come in numerous different flavors. Created to give you sustained energy all day and a nutrient boost, FRS meets our fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle.

But since the product contains caffeine and since studies have yet to show that taking antioxidants in a supplement form yield any significant health benefits, it's important to use this product with caution."
Actual user feedback from [www.dietsinreview.com/]

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