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General Information

Kalyx.com - Website

Kalyx.com is a health food service that offers a wide range of products. Upon first entering the website, the user is greeted with an overwhelming list of the different products they offer.

Kalyx.com offers merchandise ranging from food products, skin care products, vitamins and even electronics products. Having this much variety on a website is good, but Kalyx.com seems difficult to navigate and harder still to find the products you are looking for.

The selection of food offered by Kalyx.com is extensive, but all of the food is packaged in bulk and there is not a big selection of health food items. Even for selling items in bulk, the prices on this website are high compared to other websites selling the same types of foods in the same quantities.

Moreover, the site offer the consumer to be able to purchase gift certificates through the website, and the checkout process is fairly simple.

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Service Details

Company Information:
PO Box 417
Camden, NY 13316

Customer Support:
Windows Live Messenger:kalyx.com 

Company Website: http://www.Kalyx.com/

Price: Price vary between $10.00 - $2,000.00 depending on the individual product. 

Return Policy/Satisfaction Guarantee:
Unopened Items have a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Extensive Research and Overall Consumer Response Rating:

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Consumer Feedback

Unbaised Customer's Complaint, Comments, and Feedback:

"Their products come from Frontier Natural Products Co-op and the Co-op's quality control information (including details about their organic certification) are available on the site at http://www.kalyx.com/catalog/aboutherbs.htm ."
Actual user comment from [answers.google.com/]

"...They say they don't list out of stock items, but they do. They'll tell you that items have been back ordered about the same time the rest of your shipment is supposed to arrive. They'll also process your card for the entire transaction amount which will include the back ordered item. I have always thought merchants couldn't charge you until an item ships.  
I've contacted Dan four times now to check on the status of my back ordered item because the ship date has come and gone, again. Dan is supposedly "contacting" the warehouse to get an update and will email me that info. Silly me assumed he meant he'd do that the same day. It's been 7 days now and I just got hung up on by Dan who told me again he'd call the warehouse and then email me..."
Actual user complaint from [www.resellerratings.com/]

"I placed an order with Kalyx on the 4th of November, it's now the 12th and my order hasn't even been shipped yet.  I emailed to complain on the 7th and I was told I would receive a tracking number by Monday.  Monday came and went and after complaining again I received a tracking number on Tuesday.  The problem is that UPS has no record of the tracking number, not even to the point where it's registered in their system but they haven't received the package yet..."
Actual user complaint from [www.shopwiki.com]

"...Three emails and 3 phone calls later still (it's now Jan 5, 09) there are still no instructions! She spoke to Dan once (the only time the phone was answered) and he promised to take care of it - the other two calls were answered by the answering machine during normal business hours. 
They have my money and I have a bag of rotting mushroom growing medium and no directions on how to grow the mushrooms. Very poor customer service! You would think in these tough economic times Kalyx would give a rats behind about retaining their customers. Never again will I do business with these people or ever recommend them to others..."
Actual user complaint from [www.resellerratings.com/]

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