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General Information

The NutriSystem Diet System - Website

The NutriSystem has become one of the most recognized names in dieting. According to the website, the program is designed to help users meet their weight goals through nutritious and carefully portioned meals.

NutriSystem caters to individuals with busy lifestyles or those who struggle keeping track of the details needed to maintain a diet on their own. To make dieting simple, NutriSystem is geared around providing three meals a day to users' doors.

The website allows users to browse through the various menus to select the meal plans that best suit their lifestyle. Then, the meals are shipped and the only thing users have to do is eat the pre-made meals and watch the weight come off. There are options for auto-delivery, which renews the delivery of meals month after month. Users can also choose to order on a month-to-month basis.

While the main goal of NutriSystem is to take the stress out of dieting, the website also has numerous resources for those who desire more support and information while they try to meet their weight loss goals. Ordering meals comes with automatic online access, which includes perks like news articles, nutritional facts, a community of other dieters, as well as expert counseling as needed.

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Service Details

Company Information:
NutriSystem, Inc.
300 Welsh RD
Bldg 1, Suite 100
Horsham, PA 19044-2208

Customer Support:
Customer Service:1.800.585.5483
Monday – Friday, 8am - 12am EST
Saturday & Sunday, 8:30am - 5pm EST

Company Website: http://www.NutriSystem.com/

- Men's Basic Plan - 1 Month
$299.95 - Women's Basic Plan - 1 Month
$299.95 - Men/Women's Silver Plan - 1 Month
$299.95 - Men/Women's Diabetic Plan - 1 Month
$299.95 - Men/Women's Vegetarian Plan - 1 Month

Return Policy/Satisfaction Guarantee:
Call Customer Service within 7-Days of Receipt Purchased for Opened Items
Unopened Items have a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee - Money Back Guarantee applies to first time program orders only
Shipping & Handling are not refundable

Extensive Research and Overall Consumer Response Rating:

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Consumer Feedback

Unbaised Customer's Complaint, Comments, and Feedback:

"...I haven't had much discipline when it comes to what I eat and this is the only program I've tried that really works and did not leave me feeling cranky and deprived. I lost 20lbs without exercise in the first 2 months and am continuing to lose 2lbs a week. The weight loss has given me so much energy that now I can't sit still so exercise fit itself into the plan without being forced. This program works if you love to cook (I don't) and if you like convenience of prepackaged food (I do). I'm never hungry on this program because I eat 5x a day..."
Actual user feedback from [www.amazon.com/]

"...i just started 3wks ago have lost 17 lbs. an I have cheated one day a week, just because nite crew likes to eat an I am on a travel assignment where food is awesome!!! So try it you lose at your own pace. Go to web site sign up an explore it for free, only thing cost ya is when you order the food. I get the advanced program for senior women, because this is the one Marie Osmond used an lost 40lbs, in short time..."
Actual user feedback from [allnurses.com/]

"...I have to admit that I am surprised at the outcome of this so far. My wife and I have been on this diet for a little over a month. And she has lost 17 pounds, and I have lost 15 pounds, and our willpower is still there. We are looking forward to placing another order, and losing more weight. If you do refer anybody to the Nutrisystem plan you will also get a $30 discount on your next order. As long as the person that you refer to Nutrisystem tells them your name..."
Actual user comment from [www.epinions.com/]

"...The transition from Nutrisystem back to normal food will be difficult for me. I prefer Nutrisystem. I feel so good on it, and my weight continously goes down. But… after 6 mos, it gets old. I ate regular food a few weeks and I did not feel near as good… (bad choices?) Nutrisystem is properly balanced, and is complete with fish oils etc..."
Actual user feedback from [bestdietfooddelivery.com/]

"...Some people say the nutrisystem food isnt so tasty, so you can be the judge. My grandma did it and lost 15 pounds in 10 weeks. Thats like 1.5 pounds a week, but she loses weight slowly. The most effective weight loss is .5-2 pounds a week because your more likely to keep it off. Exercise and you will lose faster..."
Actual user feedback from [answers.yahoo.com/]

"...I first began the program in Jan 2008. I lost 23 lbs. I went from a size 12 to a 6. Now, I have gained 19 lbs back. I started to eat large portions, lots of sugary foods, and stopped exercising. I am now ready to lose the weight again. I just purchased a 2 week customized Nutri-system. I think by June I will get back into my size 6 jeans. To anyone that’s skeptical, nutri-system works. You must change your old habits though...."
Actual user feedback from [my-weightloss-journey.com/]

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