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General Information

ProHealth - Website

Prohealth.com is a website that helps to inform the user about many different health issues and tries to empower the browser by giving the user up to date health information.

According to the website, there is a section on the Prohealth website that leads to a catalogued research library, and another section will take the user to browse the latest health news. The Ask the Expert section is well-written by doctors, and the questions have a fairly broad base.

Prohealth.com also offers a extensive message boards that are divided up into different medical condtions.

Prohealth.com also offers chat rooms, support groups and other varied community groups and options. The website has a store that carries a great selection of vitamins and other over the counter medications.

The user are also able to purchase books on health topics. Prohealth.com has been Better Business Bureau rated, receiveing a AAA rating for their website and customer service processes. 

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Service Details

Company Information:
ProHealth, Inc.
2040 Alameda Padre Serra
Suite 101
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Customer Support:
Phone:(800) 366-6056
USA:(805) 564-3064
Fax(USA):(805) 965-0042
Monday - Friday, 6am - 5pm (PT)

Company Website: http://www.ProHealth.com/

Price: Price vary between $4.00 - $600.00 depending on the individual product.

Return Policy/Satisfaction Guarantee:
Unopened Items have a 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
Shipping & Handling Charges are Nonrefundable

50% off for ProHealth Seasonal Sale items

Extensive Research and Overall Consumer Response Rating:

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Consumer Feedback

Unbaised Customer's Complaint, Comments, and Feedback:

"I am a first-time buyer of your products. I was happy about the ease of finding what I was looking for. I will most likely order from your site again..."
Actual user feedback from [www.bizrate.com/]

"...I NEVER have a problem with them, their products, their service, or delivery. And from the profits they make, it goes to research for CFS, FMS, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, and others I cannot remember right now. The medical library, availability of experts in various specialties to answer questions,research updates, product description, etc. take my excitement about them over the top and, of that, I am not ashamed..."
Actual user comment from [www.bizrate.com/]

"...At prohealth.com there is a lot of good articles about evidence coming forward that Fibro is a neurological disorder not an immune system one. I am on an extensive vitamin and supplement regimen from prohealth.com and what has worked the best for me has been upping my EFA's."
Actual user feedback from [www.lowcarbfriends.com/]

"...Check out prohealth.com and find a vitamin/supplementation regimen that works for you-this has made all the difference in my pain levels and fatigue...."
Actual user comment from [www.lowcarbfriends.com/]

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