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General Information

Sunfood Nutrition - Website 

Sunfood.com has an underlying message over their website: "Health is Wealth." The company was founded by David Wolfe and his goal is to educate and bring awareness to the value of raw foods and SuperFoods, by establishing a company with an online location that offers various raw food choices, health and beauty aids, books, CD’s and appliances, which will assist in achieving the wealth of good health.

David has written several books that explore the advantages of a raw food diet, as well as the benefits of chocolate.

The basic concept behind Sunfood.com is that the sun is the source of all life and raw foods contain the natural nutrients that aid in digestion, boost the metabolism and eliminate the free radicals that affect the immune system.

The company promotes a balanced diet consisting of raw plant foods that add minerals, raise alkalinity and detoxify the body, so the cells that make up the internal organs regenerate and function effectively. Sunfood.com is all about healing foods and it reinforces the thought that we are what we eat.

Sunfood.com also take an active part in restoring health to the environment by planting billions of fruit trees around the world through the non-profit organization, The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

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Service Details

Company Information:
Sunfood Nutrition
11655 Riverside Drive, Suite 155
Lakeside, CA 92040

Customer Support:
Phone:(800) 205-2350
Fax:(619) 596-7997
International: +001-619-596-7979
Office Line: (619) 596-7979

Company Website: http://www.SunFood.com/

Price: Price vary between $1.00 - $700.00 depending on the individual product.

Return Policy/Satisfaction Guarantee:
Refund requests are handled on a one-on-one basis.

Extensive Research and Overall Consumer Response Rating:

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Consumer Feedback

Unbaised Customer's Complaint, Comments, and Feedback:

"...sunfood.com has an amazing selection of whole, natural and organic foods, natural lifestyle products, body care and more. One of the unique and interesting foods on the site are Goji Berries also known as Wolfberries."
Actual user feedback from [www.leafygreen.info/]

"Sunfood provides a huge variety of products to people who are looking to eat raw, organic, or for those who want more nutritious foods in their diets. I really like the raw jungle peanuts."
Actual user feedback from [www.sustainlane.com/]

"...Even though I have been practising optimal nutrition for the last 13 years, and I have only read part of your book, made some changes, and already I'm feeling even better (mentally, psychologically, emotionally, physically), looking better than ever..."
Actual user feedback from [www.youtube.com/]

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